Discover Henley Cay

Visitors to St Thomas and St John can enjoy a charter stop or guided kayak tour to one of the most incredible snorkeling beaches in the US Virgin Islands.

Avid snorkelers add Henley Cay to your Caribbean snorkeling Bucket List!

This tiny cay is arguably St Johns top snorkeling locations. It’s protected from the impact that large numbers of visitors can have on a marine ecosystem; and fed by the currents of the Durloe Channel. The reef system around Henley Cay is home to a myriad of hard corals, and forests of soft corals, gorgonians, sea fans and colorful red, green, yellow and blue sponges. The high density of hiding places and food sources mean Henley is home to a wide number of species of colorful tropical fish. So come. Enjoy. Protect and preserve this amazing snorkeling destination – just a stones throw from Caneel Bay Resort on St John island!

Henley Cay aerial map illustration

The History of Henley Cay

Often overlooked for more popular snorkeling destinations, this unassuming 11 acre cay holds some interesting history as well as first-class shallow water snorkeling.

During St John’s 1733 Slave Revolt …

Henley Cay was a safe haven for woman and children of the north shore plantations. They escaped to Henley before being transferred to the safety of St Thomas.

In the late 40’s …

the son of the island’s owner, Marine Commandant Roger Humphrey, crashed his plane into Henley during an acrobatic maneuver that resulted in his death. Evidence of the plane can still be seen today.

In 1948 Robert and Nancy Gibney …

( former owners of the property behind Gibney Beach on Hawksnest Bay, St John) made Henley their home for over 3 years before buying the property on Hawksnest Bay!

Today, Henley Cay …

is protected as part of the Virgin Islands National Park on St John, USVI.

Henley Cay, St John old map